Type Gallery – Carolyna

Font Designer: Emily Conners, 2011

Carolyna from Emily Conners is similar to a handwritten script written with a quill pen. Its letters, which are usually joined to each other, give rise to the impression that this is genuine handwriting. Large, protruding sweeps lend Carolyna its classic character, which is also emphasised by a relatively small x-height. In addition, there are distinctive little curlicues in the uppercase letters, which can be found at the end of many of the sweeps, and although Carolyna has been created more as an ornate font, it is astonishingly easy to read.
Numerous letter alternatives, in this very well constructed font with over 1,000 symbols, serve as the basis for a variety of typefaces. Particularly richly ornamented uppercase letters give headlines a quite special touch.
With the Carolyna Black, Conners has created a second version of the font, in which contrasts in stroke widths clearly produce an extended, stronger effect. Use the vibrant, versatile Carolyna wherever you want a classic character, which needs to have a very personal, rather than formal effect.

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