Interesting New Releases

Interesting new releases, modern sans serif fonts and individual scripts

Be inspired. From the huge range of new fonts we have selected one or two worthy of note.

Trend/Trend Hand Made (Latinotype)

The monolinear font family Trend from Daniel Hernández and Paula Nazal Selaive was prepared on the basis of combination of numerous layers of a sans serif and a slab serif. Shadows over the surface or constructed from strokes can be combined with filled in or linear recessed letters. Among the almost endless possibilities in variation you will be sure to find a font, which is ideal for the trend of your next layout. In a second variant of the font, the Trend Hand Made, letters and shadows seem as if they have been carefully drawn with a pencil and then only partially coloured in.

Harbell (Mans Greback)

Use the strong, very bold Harbell from Måns Grebäck in large font sizes, for example on greetings and invitation cards or as a poster font.

Hemmet (Mans Greback)

The strongly inclined, very dynamic script face Hemmet from Måns Grebäck uses some interesting letter alternatives, such as a small “e” in the form of the majuscule. In a second font style a swash version of the font is available.

Housegrind (Mans Greback)

The broad script face Housegrind from Måns Grebäck has an interesting and impressive retro character and gives your layout a personal touch.

Recorda Script (Mans Greback)

The sweeping Recorda Script feather pen font from Måns Grebäck brings a classic, very decorative character to the paper.

Remachine Script (Mans Greback)

Remachine Script from Måns Grebäck is reminiscent of the advertising fonts of the 1960’ and 70’s. This easily-read cursive can also be used for short texts.

Sansational (Type Innovations)

The forms of the monolinear Sansational sans serif from Alex Kaczun were inspired by a paperclip and radiate a very modern charm. Use the three stroke widths of the very extra-condensed and well constructed Sansational for headlines or in advertising, for example.

Estravaganza (Scholtz Fonts)

The harsh lines of Estravaganza from Anton Scholtz burst through the classic character of the font and give it a personal touch. Scholtz sees his font not just for use in packaging design and on greetings cards; he also recommends it for book titles.

Melodica (Scholtz Fonts)

The letters of the Melodica font from Anton Scholtz dance across the paper like music wafting through space. Thanks to the large x-height, this very legible font is suitable for all tasks which require clarity, plus a touch of sensuality and an unusual character with humour.

Mr Bedford (Sudtipos)

Mr DeHaviland (Sudtipos)

Both these fonts belong to the Bluemlein Script Collection, with which Alejandro Paul gives a new lease of life to cursives from the America of the 1920’s and 30’s. The character of the powerful Mr Bedford is to a large extent determined by the letters, which slant contrary to the direction of writing, while Mr DeHaviland leaves a very vibrant, almost playful impression.

ForoRounded (Hoftype)

The warm, very readable typeface of the very well constructed ForoRounded slab serif family from Dieter Hofrichter makes an excellent impression. Its powerful forms are best suited to text setting and the clear details lend a lot of individuality to the ForoRounded in headline sizes.

Kamenica (Tour de Force Font Foundry)

Clear, reduced forms distinguish the extra condensed Kamenica sans serif from Slobodan Jelesijevic. This very modern font, available in three stroke widths, can be used both for texts and for captions.

Fuggles (TypeSETit)

With more than 1,600 characters, Fuggles from Rob Leuschke is an extremely well constructed, versatile, calligraphic font. Some of the characters have a classic look, others have a playful air and yet others seem somewhat eccentric. In the correct combination of letters this font meets many challenges.

Genos (TypeSETit)

Rounded off terminals and a slight contrast in the stroke width somewhat cancel out the structured character of Genos from Rob Leuschke and give the sans serif a vibrant radiance. The x-height, which almost reaches the size of the majuscules, is characteristic for this well constructed font, with its seven stroke widths.

Style Script (TypeSETit)

Style Script from Rob Leuschke picks up on the advertising fonts of the 1950’s and 60’s. With the three basic forms, Plain, Script and Formal, Style Script provides everything you need for the retro look in nostalgic work or modern design. Font styles with swash majuscules, small caps and symbols complete the character kit of the Style Script.

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