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Font Designer: Lucian Bernhard, 1912–1937

Bernhard Fashion (1929)
The German-born designer Lucian Bernhard designed Bernhard Fashion in 1929. An “American” typeface, Bernhard’s original design was created for the American Type Founders (ATF). It bespeaks the spirit of the roaring 20s. The hairline-thin letters exhibit elongated ascenders (but not descenders), and many stylized elements. The capital letters also all descend visibly below the baseline. In text, the extra large capitals seem almost like drop caps. This typeface is best used sparingly in text. Largely set headlines will allow readers to enjoy the fashionable quality of Bernhard Fashion’s design. Give the font a test spin today!
Bernhard Condensed Bold (1912)
German designer Lucian Bernhard developed Bernhard Antiqua, the first of his many typefaces, in 1912. The Flinsch foundry in Frankfurt/Main cast the first weights; further weights followed in the 1920s (these were produced by Bauer, which had acquired Flinsch). Bernhard Condensed Bold, the only one of Bernhard Antiqua’s weights currently available in digital form, is a design with marked historical influence. Available through Linotype, it brings the viewer back to the early 20th century, when similar bold letterforms graced advertising displays and posters throughout Europe and North America. Distinguishing characteristics of this typeface are the cross on the capital W, and the rounding on the capital R. Bernhard Condensed Bold, with its narrow, robust forms, is best for headlines in medium and larger point sizes.
Bernhard Modern (1937)
Lucian Bernhard designed Bernhard Modern in 1937. Bernhard’s career as an artist and designer unfolded over several pivotal decades of the early 20th Century, both in Germany and in the United States. Like many typefaces of this time, Bernhard Modern has a low x-height and generous ascenders. It also displays a marked broad tipped pen stroke. Characteristic is the lowercase g with its upward-reaching ear, whose stroke contrast emphasizes the diagonal. Bernhard Modern displays a mannered elegance that is best-used in short and middle length texts or headlines – wherever a subtle touch of the historical is desired.
Bernhard Modern font sample, combined with symbol font Linotype Invasion™ Animals.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Bernhard as a PDF.

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