Web fonts directly from Linotype.com

Web fonts directly from Linotype.com
in “Pay as you go” or “Pay once” models

Linotype.com offers thousands of typefaces from Linotype, Monotype, ITC, and other major foundries as Web fonts. Included are highly popular typefaces, such as the Helvetica®, Avenir® and Frutiger® font families, alongside a whole range of appealing new designs. Why not use the typographic flexibility provided by Web fonts to give your corporate branding a unifed appearance across the board – from print to internet media, Web fonts enable visual consistency across all of your properties.

Pay as you go: you only pay for what you actually use.

Licensing Web fonts doesn’t need to be complicated. At Linotype.com, you don’t need a subscription which results in additional costs. Instead, you purchase the number of pageviews you think you’ll need. Packages start at 250,000 pageviews. The more you add, the cheaper the per-pageview cost becomes.
Next, add your Web fonts to your own Web servers and begin using them in your Web designs. You’ll also need to include a short tracking code that will count your pageviews and let you know if you need to add more.
All of our original libraries (Linotype Originals, Platinum Collection, FontFont, Monotype Library, ITC Library, Bitstream and Ascender) are available for purchase using the pay as you go model.
Click here for more information about our Web font licensing terms.

Pay once: you pay one time and can use your web fonts as much as you want.

It couldn’t be simpler: Purchase a subscription and there are no additional costs. The one-time flat fee lets you use the acquired fonts for ever. You only pay for additional page views if your site gets more traffic than expected. For example: If you purchase a license that covers 10,000 monthly page views and you do not receive any more than 10,000 page views a month, that license is perfect for you. You don’t need to pay any more. If your site has more traffic than expected, you should again count the number of additional page views that you expect.
After getting your license, you can host fonts directly on your own server without needed an external server. Simply download a web font kit and adapt it to your individual needs.
You can purchase many web fonts from our partner foundries using the pay once model.
Click here for more information about our Web font licensing terms.

You and your customers will be convinced

Using our free Web font previewer tool, you can see what your site would look like using our collection of Web fonts. Simply visit: http://www.webfontspreview.com and enter your site’s URL to get started. Try it now to see the difference our Web fonts make!

Why Web fonts?

Individual fonts are often rendered as graphics when incorporated into your site’s design, leading to text that not only displays poorly for users, but is not recognized by search engines as well. In contrast, Web fonts utilize the actual typeface itself, giving you text that displays beautifully and provides design consistency across your brand.

 Best readability 100% indexable Quick text handling
Your message will come across loud and clear when you use Web fonts – on all devices, whether large or small, there are no compromises to its machine readability, affording accessibility for viewers with visual impairment. Even though your content will be displayed in the typefaces of your choosing, your text will remain 100% indexable for search engines. Your site’s text can be created and updated at quicker speeds when using Web fonts. Our service ensures that your site’s text remains available and viewable on-screen at all times.

Other advantages of Web fonts from Linotype.com

Our range of Web fonts supports texts in more than 40 different languages, allowing you to present your corporate identity in almost all international layouts. We supply fonts in formats compatible with all major browsers, assuring your customers can view your content as intended. Licensing Web fonts from Linotype.com is straightforward and easy to understand. Simply pay for the number of pageviews you think you’ll need. If you use all of your pageviews, come back to add more.

Cross-media publishing at a highly attractive price: Save 50% on the desktop font when you add a Web font license.

When acquiring a license for one of our Web fonts from Linotype.com, you also have the opportunity to purchase its corresponding desktop font at half price. Benefit from this attractive offer and ensure your texts have a consistency across all your media, from print to digital display (valid for basic license up to five workstations).

How to find Web fonts on Linotype.com:

On the font family page and on the product page you’ll find a tab for web fonts next to the desktop fonts tab. You can select and purchase the desired web fonts here.

Webfonts-Tutorial: useful tips and hints on the topic of Web fonts

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Still have questions?

You’ll find answers to about common questions regarding the selection, licensing and installation of our Web fonts in our informative Font Technology Feature “Licensing & Installation” and in our Web fonts FAQ section. Still have questions? Or perhaps you need an individually-tailored solution for your organization? Don’t hesitate to contact our Web fonts consultants at [email protected].