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Classic Grotesque with three new widths and 42 additional fonts …
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The perfect font for signage and other applications, where the distinctness of characters is of high importance.
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Tablet Gothic

Tablet Gothic is a contemporary, readily legible grotesque with 42 styles that meet all typographic needs.
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Oscar-winning movie fonts 2016: the fonts from the film posters

Oscar-winning Movie Fonts 2016
This year’s Oscars were awarded recently, with plenty of glamour. All eyes were on the actors, directors and technicians as they graced the red carpet and stage.
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FF Tisa and FF Tisa Sans: an extended family for multimedia applications

FF Tisa
Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič designed FF Tisa as a contemporary magazine font.
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Three new width and 42 new fonts for the Classic Grotesque: Condensed, Compressed and Expanded

Classic Grotesque
Now three more widths – Condensed, Compressed and Expanded – expand the previous 14 base styles and extend the potential of the calm and neutral Classic Grotesque family.
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New arrivals April 2016: The lively, monolinear sans Kleide, the striking, handwritten brush font Auburn, the friendly, rounded slab serif Decour Soft and other fonts

New font arrivals April 2016
Round, curving line ends that recall handwriting lend the monolinear sans Kleide by Nico Inosanto a friendly and lively character.
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FF Milo: a unique, well-equipped super family

FF Milo
Mike Abbink designed FF Milo as an all around, bread-and-butter font.
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Linotype Textra

Linotype Textra: a pure, neutral and practical typeface.
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Zapfino Extra: Hermann Zapf’s calligraphic masterpiece

Zapfino Extra
Master typeface designer Hermann Zapf published Zapfino in 1998. Despite its relatively young age, the font has been enormously popular.
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Classics in the “American” style – sans serif fonts by Adrian Frutiger.
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