Linotype rebrands to Monotype

Since 2006, Linotype GmbH has been part of the Monotype group and its connection to the worldwide group has grown stronger in time. This will now become even stronger with our shared name: As of March 4, 2013, Linotype GmbH will change its name to Monotype GmbH.

Our customers are now increasingly expecting from us not just high quality fonts and typographic solutions but also the technologies needed to display texts in our modern, digitalised world. And it is in this field that Monotype has made a particular name for itself through its investments in areas such as web font hosting, screen visualisation on all forms of display devices and cloud-based font services. By using a single, unified brand that encompasses type, technology and expertise we are now answering the demands of our markets and customers.

We are convinced that the future lies in the combination of outstanding font design with technologies for high quality digital display. The real value of excellently designed typefaces is only apparent when these can be used in all contexts. The name Monotype stands for exactly this combination: we can help you ensure that your brand is presented in a consistent form through all media worldwide – in print, online, on mobile devices, in cars and even on refrigerators.

Little will be changing with regard to our transactions with our customers. will remain the same thriving e-commerce portal through which you will be able to obtain as before the latest Linotype typefaces and the font products of our other libraries and font foundries. And the website is to be improved! We will be soon announcing some very exciting new features so stay tuned! The Linotype library, a synonym for top quality typeface design, will remain part of the Monotype library and continue as an active type label.

You already have tried-and-trusted contact persons in our organisation? Don’t worry – we have no plans to reorganise our personnel. Your customary contact person will be on hand to deal with your queries and needs in all areas. Our personnel also have the necessary specialist knowledge of the additional Monotype product and service portfolio and will be working more closely with their international colleagues in future. This means they will be able to offer you an extensive range of solutions in all fields in which typography today plays a role – to ensure that your brand is represented consistently throughout the world.

In future, all our general corporate information will be published at