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For a period of just 14 hours, we are offering three variants from the Vialog® font family for only  USD* instead of the normal price of 5 USD**. This exceptional offer will be valid on 31 January from 4:00 am (EST) to 6:00 pm (EST) and only 499 sets will be available – so don’t hesitate and get your order in without delay!
The selection consists of the following three fonts:
Vialog Regular, Vialog Italic, Vialog Bold.
Helmut Ness and Professor Werner Schneider created the space-saving Vialog™ with its organic, dynamic forms and optimized details that ensure maximum legibility. Its open and clean-cut appearance, the distinctive look of the numerals and individually modelled italics guarantee that Vialog remains clearly legible even in the most adverse conditions and in very small point sizes. With these characteristics, Vialog is predestined to be used as a corporate font and it is already flourishing in corresponding contexts. Munich’s public transport company, for example, uses Vialog in all internal and external communications as its corporate font as well as in its informational texts. In addition to the Vialog family with its eight different weights, there is also Vialog Signs, a carefully composed compilation of special glyphs for use on signage systems.
The OpenType font Vialog has a variety of glyphs that leaves nothing to be desired, including many numeral variants, small caps, numerous ligatures, swash letters and ornaments.
For more information and to see some illustrative examples of uses of Vialog, click here.

* Gross price ,41 USD including German sales tax.
** Gross price 2,05 USD including German sales tax.