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The most popular releases of 2012

Most popular fonts 2012

Last year saw the arrival of many new typefaces, which excite not just us, but most of all you. On your behalf, we have looked into which new fonts proved most popular in 2012. Take this opportunity to look through the hottest newcomers of last year. Perhaps you will find just the right font for your next project among the Top Ten.

1 Mantika Sans

Mantika Sans
With its well-defined characters that are readily legible even in the small font sizes, Mantika Sans™ by Jürgen Weltin is ideal for typesetting. The elaborately designed and highly individual set of italics enhances the attractiveness of the font. Use the font, for example, in the office or for business reports.

2 Levato

Levato™ by Felix Bonge is an Antiqua that is full of character and refined but by no means sterile. Five weights, true italics, numerous ligatures and a swash variant are available for your expressive and individual designs.

3 Massif

Massif™, an individual font by Steve Matteson, is rather rugged, but very lively. Modern elements on the one hand compete with a slightly historical flair on the other. Thanks to its very individual character and excellent legibility, the well-developed font is available to you for numerous applications.

4 Avenir Next Rounded

Avenir Next Rounded
The new forms of Avenir® Next have been created by the Linotype’s Type Director, Linotype, Akira Kobayashi, and the designer Sandra Winter, in consultation with Adrian Frutiger. Avenir Next with its neutral, easy-going character is thus now available in up-to-date, contemporary variants.

5 Biome

Biome™ by Carl Crossgrove combines biomorphism with minimalist elements and the humanist tradition of font design. Use the contemporary and retro-futuristic hyperfamily with its 42 weights anywhere that a striking and individual font is wanted.

6 Neue Aachen

Neue Aachen
With Neue AachenJim Wasco has extended the well-known and popular font to create an entire family. Seven new weights and completely new italic variants are available, enormously expanding the range of creative options for the designer.

7 Koorkin

The very personal and original nature of Koorkin™ by George Ryan has found a place in the hearts of many designers. Use this contemporary font in headlines and short texts in situations in which a relaxed and more casual effect is required.

8 Coomeec

The Coomeec™ brush typeface by Andi AW. Masry is far more than a cartoon font. Allow yourself to be surprised by the small amount of space needed, its individual character, numerous character alternatives and the calligraphic aesthetic of this font.

9 Classic Grotesque

Classic Grotesque
Rod McDonald’s Classic Grotesque™ combines both traditional and contemporary elements of typography. The font persuades with its neutral and restrained, but nevertheless individual appearance.

10 Agmena

Created by Jovica Veljović, the Antiqua typeface Agmena™ has been designed to be the perfect book font. But its individual, lively and sometimes sculptural characters are readily legible even in large point sizes.

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