Frutiger – Die Wandlung eines Schriftklassikers

Frutiger: Die Wandlung eines Schriftklassikers

Frutiger®, the second of Adrian Frutiger’s sans serif type families, may be found everywhere today - wether used in tiny point sizes for pharmaceutical instructions, or enormously as Supermarket signage. However, discrepancies sneaked into the family as it underwent changes and extensions over the years. Because of this, Adrian Frutiger suggested a complete revision of his classic design.
After the German graphic designer Erik Faulhaber proposed such a revamping to the Linotype Library, he began the moderate, but fundamental revision, guided along the way by Adrian Frutiger himself. Forty years after its original release, the classic typeface was refitted and re-released as Frutiger Next.
This book both documents and richly illustrates the history of the Frutiger typeface, and the exciting process of its revision. In addition, it serves as a homage to Adrian Frutiger and his life’s work.

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