Type Gallery – Bellas Artes

Font Designer: Angel Koziupa/Alejandro Paul
The Bellas Artes typeface was created jointly by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul. In this OpenType font, the characteristic calligraphic curves of Koziupa are combined with the technical expertise of Paul. The main distinguishing feature of this typeface with its elements typical of Art Deco style is the way it has been constructed by blending delicate and bolder lines. Just as in an unforgettable love affair, these two sides so perfectly match each other that it is only on looking more closely that the combination becomes apparent. As a result, Bellas Artes has a restrained, elegant and very individual look, without seeming excessively formal or severe.

There are alternative versions of some of the characters that can be used to add variety to and enliven the typeface. Available through the OpenType format are, for example, a “g” with a variant form of the descender, an “l” with a rounded terminal and various different versions of the “p”.

Bellas Artes is not only the perfect typeface for packaging text, it also cuts a good figure on book and music covers. You can also use Bellas Artes for projects in which you wish to evoke the atmosphere of the early 20th century.

Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you. Download a printable sample of Bellas Artes as a PDF.

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