Typeface Catalog A–Z OpenType

Sift through the OpenType typefaces of the libraries of Monotype, Linotype, ITC and Adobe by using this simple reference work; hot off the press, this book is the new edition of our “font bible”! The book’s classically designed pages are bound together inside a beautiful hardcover, with light embossing on the front and spine. The typeface families are shown grouped together in the following seven categories: Sans Serif, Serif, Script and Brush, Decorative and Display, Uncial and Blackletter, Pi and Symbol, Central European and Non-Latin. A detailed introduction and appendix explain the various font formats and character sets in detail. The A–Z Typeface Catalog is trilingual; all text is printed in English, French, and German. 576 pages.
The “Typeface Catalog, A–Z OpenType” is divided into three parts – each of which is printed in English, French, and German: general information, typeface displays, and technical information.
Typefaces are grouped by category (Sans Serif, Serif, Script and Brush, Decorative and Display, Uncial and Blackletter, Pi and Symbol and Non Latin Typefaces). Aside from format information, each typeface lists the name of its designer, the year in which it was designed, and from which foundry library the typeface comes from. Each typeface shows a large, 24 point single-line partial alphabet setting in the typeface’s regular weight. If the regular weight has a companion italic, a sample line is set in it as well. Following this are three lines of sample copy in 13-point size that show off some of the font’s special characters, Euro symbol, etc. Lastly, a sample single-line alphabet showing in 12-point size is available for each of the type styles that make up the respective typeface family.

The book’s last typeface category Non Latin Typefaces, shows all OpenType fonts containing character sets other than the traditional Western European standard.

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A – Z typeface catalogue Part 1

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