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Font Designer – Andi AW. Masry

Andi AW. Masry, (born June 25, 1970 in Makassar, South Celebes, Indonesia), a civil engineer, living and working in Jakarta. He has studied painting, illustration and handmade typography (crafted) since elementary school. But actually, he pleaded not get formal education about typography specificly.

In the country, typography knowledge may be said that is not taught specifically in a national curriculum. But more is an additional lesson called „tulisan indah“ (beautiful writing using latin letters) and calligraphy. Here both are interpreted differently. „Tulisan indah“ to be intended to guiding the student to writing in Latin letters look better and presentable.

The material taught is hieratic writing and sometimes coupled with the – which by the teachers call it – „Huruf Jerman“ or „Germany letters“ (It looks like a lot is known as blackletter). The „Huruf Jerman“ was ever really triumphant in the country, and more filled the mindset of the graphic artist. Even formed a kind of „obligation“ to write title into the graduation diploma until the late 80s using this letter.

While „calligraphy“, the more inclined meant in Arabic calligraphy. When we talking about calligraphy, then the mentioned is of Arabic calligraphy. This is mainly taught in the Pesantren, Islamic school intermediate level. At the state university, it is not taught anymore, except perhaps in certain educational institutions by the end of the 20th century.

In addition, studying both types of writing it, Masry also learn and mastering skills of letter hand-made from paper and other media (craft). This lesson is derived from his father, a retired teacher. This is very useful – for instance – when a banner should be made. Now it all becomes easier with advances in printing technology. Funny thing is, until now his father never knew if the letter is often taught are sanserif and serif type. The important thing, the letters appeared to be consistent and beautiful in its composition. Key principles that are taught is a comparison of letters such as 3:7 on letter „A“, and 3:5 or 2,5:5 on a lowercase „a“. That means if 3 in wide by 7 in high proportional letters. This comparison is changed to 4:7 or 5:7 on the M and W. While the descender take half or approximately one third of the height of capital letters. So for the letters high (in comparison) 7, its descender value is 3.5 or 2.5. Also taught that the size of the „O“ can always be compared or used as a basis to get the size of other letters, and so on. Very simple but effective. All were apparently in accordance with the principles of modern typography that has been known at this time.

All that experience led him to love of graphic arts, photography and typography. In 2008, he knew and began serious study of digital fonts. In the same year, he also founded a graphic design company that organizes the division of typography, named Campotype.

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