Andi AW. Masry, who designed Coomeec, has put together a range of examples to illustrate the potential uses of his font. The captions include interesting comments on why he considers the font is particularly suitable for use in the corresponding context.

This is a charity event, conducted by one of the co-operative economic empowerment groups. The cooperative is made up of thousands of women and girls. The Coomeec typeface gets the message across faster for the ongoing, friendly, relaxed activities.

This is a local government’s efforts to spread social messages during the holy month of Ramadan. The written message displayed is “SEDEKAHLAH, mendahului angin berhembus” (please charity, it precedes the breeze) using Coomeec typeface. This message is addressed to all age groups, but mainly to children and adolescents to make them aware of the charitable organisation. The Coomeec typeface and comic-style design were chosen to convey the messages to that age group, in the assumption that all age groups know and love comics, which makes it easier for the messages to be understood.

Sinau is an institution where Mathematics courses are taught, targeting children primary and secondary schools. Sinau means learning in the traditional Javanese language. The tagline logo is “Asyiknya Belajar Matematika“, which means “engrossed in learning Mathematics”. The Coomeec logotype plays a major role in inviting the marketing segment to learn Mathematics in an engrossing and enjoyable way. Coomeec typeface and the comic-style logotype were chosen because it was assumed that all the students knew and loved comics as a fun type of literature, and so they will also find it easy and fun to learn Mathematics in the Sinau institution; it will be as easy as reading comics.

Book planner
The Coomeec typeface appears on the front page in the preface to a book planner belonging to one of the local private companies.

Memory book
About 85% of the High School Memory Book (SMAIT Assyifa 2012) is printed in comic style. The book uses nearly all the features of the Coomeec typeface. This is not purely a comic book and so long paragraphs cannot be avoided. The use of the smallcap feature is very effective in showing the length of text in the balloon text while leaving still more white space.

Interviews with Andi AW. Masry

Also read the interviews with Andi AW. Masry, which took place on the occasion of the publishing of Coomeec and Fruitygreen.

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