Karayel Handwritten font family

Designed by  Sebahattin Kayis in 2021;2021
Erdogan Karayel in 2021;2021

Erdogan Karayel, a master in graphic arts and a cartoon artist, has long dreamed of transforming characters made up of his own handwriting into fonts. This dream has come true with the technical support of Karayel's school friend Sabahattin Kayis, a graduate of the Istanbul School of Applied Fine Arts (Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts).

The biggest problem of handwritten fonts in the font world is the difficulty of reading in long texts due to their curved and flexible letters that create spacing problems when used side by side.

The "Karayel Calligraphy", on the contrary, is created as a solution to this problem. It's a font that is

sufficiently fluid, visually satisfying and easy to read. In particular, a lot of effort is made to ensure the utmost harmony between the character's spaces.

The “Karayel Calligraphy” font is now available for download.

Karayel Handwritten Regular

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Karayel Handwritten

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File name: Karayel Handwritten.otf
Windows menu name: Karayel Handwritten
PostScript name: , KarayelHandwritten
PostScript full name: , Karayel Handwritten
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Stylistic Alternates

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Function: Many fonts contain alternate glyph designs for a purely esthetic effect; these don't always fit into a clear category like swash or historical. As in the case of swash glyphs, there may be more than one alternate form. This feature replaces the default forms with the stylistic alternates. The user applies this feature to Industria to get the alternate form of g.


Tag: ornm

Function: This is a dual-function feature, which uses two input methods to give the user access to ornament glyphs (e.g. fleurons, dingbats and border elements) in the font. One method replaces the bullet character with a selection from the full set of available ornaments; the other replaces specific "lower ASCII" characters with ornaments assigned to them. The first approach supports the general or browsing user; the second supports the power user. The user inputs qwwwwwwwwwe to form the top of a flourished box in Adobe Caslon, or inputs the bullet character, then chooses the thistle dingbat.


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These fonts support the Basic Latin character set. Each font is Unicode™ encoded, and available in d

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