Helvetica Forever

Released in time for the 2007 Frankfurt Book Fair, this is a new book about a famous typeface. Created in 1957, Helvetica is an icon of Swiss graphic design, which in turn was a model of soberly functional communication during the postwar era. The balanced and neutral appearance of Helvetica foregoes expressiveness – a quality for which the design has both been criticized and admired. This polarization has helped the typeface gain unparalleled notoriety. Helvetica is one of the most widely used types today. Helvetica forever retraces the design’s fifty-year history, comparing it with other well-known sans serif faces from the twentieth century, and examining the phenomenon of its unparalleled spread. The book’s illustrations show the multitude of ways that the family has been used over the past five decades, including examples from a wide variety of fields – everything from signal design to party flyers!
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