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Digitized fonts from the Pixilate Type Foundry

The Pixilate Type Foundry specializes in digital handwriting fonts. Kemie Guaida has been publishing fonts here based on her own sketches or samples from friends since 1998. An individual character and a large character set are important to her, and hence all the fonts have special characters for a large number of Central European languages. Guaida enjoys passing on her passion for digital handwriting, and hopes that using the Pixilate fonts will give other people just as much enjoyment as creating them gives to her.

The following examples of Pixilate fonts demonstrate how quickly the spark of passion can leapfrog.

Lango Px
The wide range of Lango is unusual for a digitized handwriting font. The very narrow and highly legible font comes in four weights - light, regular, bold and black.

Leonel Px
The handwriting of the architect Leonel consists only of generously written capitals.

Lu Px
Lu also originated in an architect’s handwriting. This font will charm you with its very dynamic, lively character.

Manita Px
This font is a wild mix of upper and lower cases. The somewhat chaotic impression is underscored by the fact that the letters with a descender sit on the baseline.

Montreal Architect Px
This font was inspired by architectural drawings at an exhibition in Montreal. The letters are in the form of capitals and intentionally overlap each other, giving Montreal Architect the character of historical handwriting.

Rolig Serif Px
The varied letter size gives the serif font Rolig a very lively and eye-catching character.

Soli Px
The soft, organic shapes of the letters make Soli especially natural-looking.

Tokig Px
Simple and clear letter shapes give Tokig a somewhat childlike appearance, which is supported by the variable size of the letters.

Tokig Px Rough
In contrast to Tokig, the letters of Tokig rough have a slightly bumpy outline, similar to handwriting on coarse paper.

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