Custom work

The Linotype library of Arabic typefaces has a wide array of different styles, but every once in a while, we have clients who require tailor-made and exclusive designs. Below are some examples of our custom work:

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Client: An-Nahar newspaper

Typeface: Gebran2055 Bold and Heavy
Date: 2011
Designer: Nadine Chahine

About: Gebran2005 was created exclusively for the leading Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, as a tribute to its late chief editor Gebran Tueni. The new headline typeface played an integral role in the newspaper redesign that renowned international designer Maria Garcia implemented.

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Client: Baraem TV
Typeface: Baraem Regular and Bold
Date: 2008
Designer: Nadine Chahine

About: Baraem was designed specifically for children between the ages of 3 and 6. It’s forms are organic and blobby but still perfectly legible. Baraem is intended for TV broadcast as well as for use on the web so great case was taken to insure the clarity of letterforms survived low resolutions.

Client: mbc Action Channel
Typeface: mbc Action
Date: 2010
Designer: Nadine Chahine

About: Arabic stencil typefaces are rare, and mbc’s Action channel needed one. Linotype created a custom and exclusive typeface for that specific purpose, cut and ready for use on-air. The typeface is based on the Kufi style which lends itself to playful interpretations.

Client: Deutsche Welle
Typeface: Janna™ (modified)
Date: 2006
Designer: Nadine Chahine

About: Deutsche Welle uses Interstate as their corporate typeface and needed an Arabic companion that would give the same look and feel in their Arabic broadcast. For that , Linotype modified Janna to bring it closer to the overall impression that one sees in the Latin.

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Client: Mobinil
Typeface: Frutiger® Arabic
Date: 2008
Designer: Nadine Chahine

About: Mobinil is the largest mobile operator in Egypt. They chose Frutiger Arabic as their corporate typeface and were the first customer to get this best selling typeface. Since then, they have used it in their online and offline advertising as well as in their internal work processes. The fonts are installed across all company work stations to make sure that the brand identity is consistently portrayed in both internal and external communication.