Arabic Headline Faces

Modern Headline
Traditional Headline

Modern Headline

Univers® Next Arabic
A serious, professional-looking and elegant design.

Frutiger® Arabic
Modern monolinear humanist Kufi great for signage and corporate communication.

Neue Helvetica® Arabic
Legendary typeface and its Arabic companion.

A fantastic design with 1600 glyphs and many OpenType features, thus ensuring that its potential applications are limited by your imagination only.

A thin and elegant design, great for advertising.

Modern geometric Kufi ideal for headlines and low resolution displays.

Tanseek Modern®
A large family of modern and traditional designs in both Arabic and Latin.

A Persian family of wide elegant design.

A funky monolinear font with large open characters.

Sultan Nahia
A monolinear and geometric Kufi with a modern feel.

A bold and elegant Kufi design, perfect for high impact titles.

A very bold and calligraphic kufi with contextual alternates.

Traditional Headline

Hakim Ghazali
A unique design based on Al-Maghribi (Moroccan) style.

Mofid Mahdi®
Very black, very mechanical, with a geometric and industrial feel.

Very bold Naskh, suited for large sizes.

Bold, and very elegant, Naskh style suited for newspaper headlines.

Al Harf Al Jadid
Strong black effect designed for large headlines.

A black condensed design that is both economic and powerful.

A flowery and elegant Kufi inspired by Arabic calligraphy.

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