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Rotis II Sans

Expanded and improved

Otl Aicher’s Rotis has been updated and expanded to make this popular classic more versatile then ever. New weights and numerous other tweaks and refinements make this well worth taking a closer look at.

The designer of Rotis®, Otl Aicher, was one of the founder members of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm. He was also commissioned with the design for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich; and developed an international system of pictograms that have since become universally recognized.

Aicher’s Rotis is an extensive typeface family comprising Sans Serif, Semi Serif, and Serif. Originally drawn for Agfa Compugraphic by type designer, graphic designer, author, and teacher Otl Aicher, the Rotis super family has proven incredibly popular.

So what’s new in Rotis II Sans? To begin with, some of the outlines have undergone subtle changes. More importantly, Rotis Sans now has three additional weights: Light, Semi Bold, and Black, all with complimentary italics – providing greater versatility. Moreover, the Extra Bold now has an italic version. Rotis II Sans now comes in an impressive 14 weights.

But the changes don’t end there. In addition to revisiting the letterspacing and kerning, a new set of numerals was added. These have a similar height to the capitals so that they work better together, and are accompanied by case-sensitive punctuation. The OpenType programming in the fonts was also revisited. Rotis II Sans is available in OpenType Standard with support for some 48 languages; and Pro with extended language support.

This updated and improved Rotis II Sans, carefully crafted by Alice Savoie and Robin Nicholas, should prove even more popular and useful than ever. It is perfectly suited to numerous contemporary applications, from text, advertising, signage, corporate identity, packaging and much, much more.

Rotis II Sans, along with Avenir Next®, Compatil®, DIN Next™, Eurostile® Next, Neue Frutiger®, Frutiger Next, Optima® nova, Palatino® nova, Sabon® Next, Neue Swift®, Syntax® Next, Trade Gothic® Next, and Univers® Next (formerly Linotype Univers) belongs to the typefaces of the Linotype Platinum Collection. These fonts were carefully digitized and have the high quality demanded by professional typography.

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