Sinova, the simple humanist sans

Sinova usage sample

The simplified letterforms of Sinova™ make it an ideal choice for those settings where you really don’t want the type to shout too loudly or draw unnecessary attention to itself. Christian Mengelt has drawn five weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold, all with complimentary obliques.
Sinova usage sample
Sinova is an OpenType family that is unfussy, functional, and legible, with extensive language support (some 48 languages). Thanks to its clear and straightforward design and dynamic rhythm, one of the main characteristics of Sinova is its excellent legibility, irrespective of whether it is used in longer passages as a stylish book script or for text in the digitalised office environment. But Sinova also happily adapts itself to being used as a titling font in combination with Renaissance Antique serif typefaces. For this reason, another potential application for the font family is as a graceful and elegant titling and text script for job printing and in publicity texts. The two complementary stroke widths, light and bold, are perfect for commercial applications.
Sinova usage sample

Online publication

Available is an online brochure on Sinova that you can read directly from your screen.

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