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Helvetica® Now Variable

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Helvetica® Now Variable font family

Designed by  Max Miedinger in 1957 and Charles Nix in 2021 and Friedrich Althausen in 2021 and Emilios Theofanous in 2021 and Malou Verlomme in 2021 and Jan Hendrik Weber in 2021 and Monotype Studio in 2021

Up to 1 Family / 1 Value Packs
Supports at least 33 languages (Pro / OT)

Available licenses for all styles:

Supports up to 75 languages.

Please select a format to view the available languages:

Supports up to 33 OpenType features.

Please select a format to view the available OpenType features:

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1 Valuepack available in:
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Helvetica® Now Variable Family Pack

 (2 Typefaces) -  1 variant
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