Font Designer – Fritz Helmut Ehmcke

Born 16 October 1878 in Hohensalza, died 3 February 1965 in Widdersberg. Graphic artist, illustrator and book designer. Apprentice lithographer in Berlin, 1893–1897. Worked as a lithographer to 1899. Studied at the training institute of the Royal Museum of Commercial Arts in Berlin, 1899–1901. Founded the Steglitz Workshop (Steglitzer Werkstatt) together with Georg Belwe and Friedrich W. Kleukens in 1900. Appointed to Düsseldorf School of Commercial Arts in 1903 and worked, from 1913–1938 at Mainz School of Commercial Arts/the State School of Applied Arts. Director of the Graphics Department, 1920–1921, where he was responsible for Rupprecht Press from 1913–1934. Professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, 1946 – 1948.
Fonts: Ehmcke Antiqua (1908, available from Linotype under the name Carlton™), Ehmcke Kursiv (1910), Ehmcke Brotschrift (1927), Ehmcke Elzevir (1927), Ehmcke Elzevir kräftig (1930),
Ehmcke Fraktur (1912), Ehmcke Fraktur halbfett (1917),
Ehmcke Latein (1925), Ehmcke Latein halbfett (1925), Ehmcke Mediaeval (1922), Ehmcke Mediaeval Kursiv (1923), Ehmcke Mediaeval halbfett (1924), Ehmcke Rustika (1914), Ehmcke Schwabacher (1914), Ehmcke Schwabacher halbfett (1915).
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