An evening with Matthew Carter in San Francisco

On 2 February 2010, Monotype Imaging organized a small event for graphic designers from the San Francisco Bay Area at the Book Club of California. The highlight of the evening was an interview of Matthew Carter by Patrick Coyne, editor and designer of Communication Arts. The occasion was the release of Carter’s newest typeface: Carter Sans™. International Typeface Corporation released Carter Sans in January.
This photo of Carter (right) shows off the interior of the Book Club of California. Also pictured is Dan Reynolds, from Linotype GmbH. Reynolds assisted Carter in the design and production of the Carter Sans typeface.
Over 80 guests were present during the evening. The event was an excellent opportunity for local designers to be able to speak with Carter directly.
On the left, Monotype Imaging’s Eli Wilkie in a discussion with several guests.
The Book Club of California is a small, intimate venue in the heart of San Francisco. Before and after the Carter-Coyne interview, most chatting and networking took place around the Club’s bar.
The evening was a great way to spot a few “typographic celebrities.” To the left, in the photo above, is Peter Lofting, from Apple Inc.
Allan Haley, from Monotype Imaging (in the photo above, on the right), was the evening’s master of ceremonies. Patrick Coyne is also in this photo (seated, in the middle).
Carter and Coyne engaged in a lovely discussion, with Coyne presenting a number of thought-provoking questions about typefaces as works of art, craft, and design.
Several rare books designed and printed in California were also on display at the Book Club.
Carter and Coyne had the audience’s full attention from start to finish.
Toward the end of the evening’s formal program, Reynolds gave a ten-minute slide presentation about some of the design process behind the Carter Sans typeface.
We hope that all attendees enjoyed the event, and that our website viewer’s enjoyed these few glimpses from the evening. Jim Wasco, also of Monotype Imaging, took all of the photographs shown on this page. There are more detailed summaries of the evening available online, via the following links:

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