Font Designer – Axel Bertram

Axel Bertram was born in Dresden in 1936. He studied at the Berlin –Weissensee Academy of Fine and Applied Arts.
1960 Co-founder of the “Group4” art workshop of which he remained a member until 1972.
Since 1960 he has been a freelance graphic artist working in Berlin for publishers and cultural publicity media.
Typeface design, calligraphy, typography, symbols and drawing, photography.
Publicity work on aspects of design in cultural publications and book publishing projects.
From 1972 to 1986 and from 1989 to 1992 he worked as a university lecturer in typeface and graphic design at the Berlin-Weissensee Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. He was made professor in 1977.
Studies in the Cultural History of the Latin Script, publ. 2004 “Das wohltemperierte Alphabet” in first edition, two reprints in 2005.
Digital typeface design (technical realisation in collaboration with Andreas Frohloff), informal type graphics.
The Know How section offers detailed background knowledge to deal with all enquiries about the use of fonts.