Eaton opts for Univers with pan-European language support (W1G) and client-specific special characters

The company Eaton, previously known as Moeller, is a leading and cutting-edge energy management firm. With headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, the internationally active company has over 70,000 employees worldwide. Its product portfolio requires numerous catalogues, manuals, product lists and other publications, which can be downloaded as PDF files on the company’s website

Moeller becomes Eaton - and a new company font is required

As a result of the merger between Moeller and Eaton, the former company Moeller required a new corporate typeface, which had to fulfil the following requirements:
in the new parent group, Eaton, Univers is used as corporate typeface. As a result, the currently used Frutiger® should be replaced by Univers®.
Eaton is an internationally active company and therefore requires a typeface with wide language support capabilities.
for technical publications, several internationally standardised and client-specific special characters are required, and the creation of these symbols must be expandable.

A closer look at special character development

Eaton commissioned the creation of a total of ten new Univers fonts with international W1G language support. Overall, more than 140 special characters from the electrotechnology sector were integrated into the standard Univers script. A large number of these symbols were adopted from the existing Moeller Frutiger corporate font in accordance with company specifications and will be required for the publication of catalogues, manuals and assembly instructions either as printed copies or online PDF files.

Examples of use, various online publications from

Below are images of some of the symbols taken from the current catalogues and brochures. Here, enlarged page extracts are displayed.

Example 1

This illustration shows an extract from assembly instructions in 23 languages. Apart from Turkish, all European languages are included.
For a detailed view of the page, please download this PDF file (2,5 mb).

Example 2

Special character used:

Example 3

Special characters used:

Example 4

Special characters used:

Example 5

Special characters used:

Example 6

Special characters used:

Corporate Download Service for rapid and simple font access

The company Eaton takes advantage of our Corporate Download Service to guarantee that their service providers always use the correct and up-to-date fonts for the creation of corporate materials. This exclusive Linotype service ensures rapid, simple and secure access to special corporate typefaces for selected service providers. Using a password, the fonts can be downloaded directly from this protected area.
On this page, you will find further information and a list of our clients who already use this service.


Read the statement by Michael Kämper, qualified engineer and technical editor, who was in charge of the Eaton project:
“We opted for Linotype since Moeller had already had positive experiences with the company during the creation of Moeller Frutiger. From the very beginning, it was of utmost importance to us to work with a partner with in-depth expertise of typeface design and expansion. This was the case throughout the entire project, and resulted in extremely successful collaboration. Given that we introduced a new layout at the same time as the new typeface, Linotype offered expert and straightforward support to enable us to switch to the new corporate design in keeping with our schedule.
A further advantage is that through its web portal, Linotype offers an excellent opportunity to make our typefaces available to all branches and service providers across the globe.”
Michael Kämper