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Font Designer: Werner Schneider, 2007

Created for extreme legibility, Satero®, designed by Werner Schneider, is a new type system with serif and sans serif variants! Observe the letters’ clear forms; the minimal curves stress their horizontal movement across the line. If you need more convincing, compare the lowercase letters a, c, e, r, and s to those from other typefaces; you will be able to discern and read them quicker with Satero.
The serif and sans serif faces share a similar skeleton, which allow you to mix them with each other in the same text or on the same line.
Satero Serif’s weights were developed with asymmetrical serifs, removing chunkiness that can clog the page when you print in very small point sizes. In fact, this is one of the many examples showing the Satero type system optimization for newspaper and magazine design.
All Satero fonts include a number of alternate glyphs and ligatures. The Light, Regular, and Medium weights (plus their Italics, of course) include lining figures, small caps, small cap figures, and oldstyle figures as OpenType options.
Werner Schneider also designed the Vialog® and Sunetta™ typefaces. Vialog was his first contribution to legible sans serifs; the typeface is used throughout the Munich public transit network – on everything from the largest signs to the smallest pocket maps and train listings. Sunetta, a script design with three variants, shows the master type designer and calligrapher’s more expressive side.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Satero as a PDF.

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