Font Designer – Glenda de Guzman

Glenda de Guzman became ever more interested in type at Rochester Institute of Technology where in 1992, she graduated with a BS in Printing. While a co-op student for Monotype Typography in California, she developed here technical skills hinting fonts. She has also carried out research at Microsoft with Robert Norton. Glenda’s desire to develop her drawing skills brought her to Font Bureau in February 1994. In between hinting for clients such as Microsoft, Apple, Newsweek and Prodigy, she explores creative type design. After two winters in Boston, she moved to Southern California where she continues contract work for Font Bureau and others. Glenda believes that we are all forced to move with the trends in design and technology. “This is manifest in how the changes in type design parallel the changes in process. Through each generation – metal, phototype, offset, and now the web – it is important that we do not sacrifice quality and design for the process. Designers for the web and multimedia must treat type and design for a screen with just as much care and concern that illuminators and calligraphers did for paper years ago.”
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