Font Designer – Joe Polevy

Joe Polevy was schooled in action sports culture while attending San Diego State University, but found more practical education working with clients as diverse as Ray Gun Magazine and the Boston Globe. He has also contributed to the SoHo Journal, Atlantic Records, Coca-Cola, and Satellite Films. A typographical flash-in-the-pan, Polevy admits to having neither the skill nor the patience to design letterforms for a living. “I harbor the utmost respect for anyone who can plant an alphabetical idea and grow it into a well-crafted typeface,” he says. As far as graphic design, he’s “amazed at the paradox within the discipline – how can something so seemingly trivial contribute so much to daily life?” Polevy is principal of the Westford, Massachusetts-based emBrace design. He is currently delving into the relationship between film and music, and researching the incongruity of the digital medium. Mr. Polevy’s art collection boasts over a thousand Chelsea Polevy originals. He also enjoys playing with his son, Max.
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