Elizabeth Cory Holzman - Font Designer of Inspirations

Font Designer – Elizabeth Cory Holzman

Elizabeth Cory Holzman, born in 1970, is native to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she first came to love letters working in frosting at a pastry shop. Educated at the Rhode Island School of Design in Graphic Design, she has a strong background in ceramics, art history, and the fine arts, the foundation of her search for sensitivity in visual rhythm and language. She sees drawing letters as a common methodology for communication, involving different visual languages, codes and media. She explores the structures and forms given to us by history and their effect on several levels of communication. She sees type as a form of “ordered chaos,” properly a seamless combination of industrial discipline and fine organic form. She came to Font Bureau in November, 1993. In preparing fonts for Apple Computer and Newsweek, she explored the complexities of industrial procedure for “hinting,” controlling the pixels chosen for screen resolution by adding code to the outlines. In preparing Constructa she concentrated on the organic approach to form in designing original outlines.
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