Font Designer – Order of Merit for Hermann Zapf

For his achievements as a world renowned calligrapher and typographer, Prof. Hermann Zapf has been awarded with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. During the presentation of the medal at State Minister President’s villa, Hessian Secretary of State for the Ministry for Science and Art in Wiesbaden Gerd Krämer stated, “You have made exceptional contributions to the development of typefaces, and your trend-setting publications have been translated into 18 languages, in whole or in part.” He also recalled a specific commission that Prof. Zapf undertook as a calligrapher in 1960, when he wrote out the Preamble of the Charter of the United Nations in four languages for the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.
Hessian Minister President’s villa in Wiesbaden. The presentation took place here
Linotype GmbH’s former Managing Director Bruno Steinert with Gudrun Zapf von Hesse
Hermann Zapf’s son Christoph Zapf together with Frank Wildenberg, current Managing Director of Linotype GmbH
The Cross of Merit, with certificate
The Hessian Secretary of State for the Ministry of Science and Art, Gerd Krämer, gives the laudation
Mr. and Mrs. Zapf during the laudation
The presentation of the certificate
The certificate for the Cross or Merit, First Class
Pining on the Cross of Merit
Hermann Zapf thanks everyone in a short speech
Klaus Kroner, chairman of the Graphic Workshop for Technology and Art Offenbach, presents Hermann Zapf with a hand-cast “Psalter Type” letter from the assets of D. Stempel AG
Mr. and Mrs. Zapf with their son and grandchildren
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