Light & Happy Value Pack

The Light & Happy Value Pack celebrates the coming of summer with a mix of five fonts.
Available as Value Pack for instant download for only .

Light & Happy Value Pack

The Light & Happy Value Pack brings together five fonts for just . Happy because this season heralds the return of the sun and warmer weather; light because it includes only Light weights.

Put a smile on your face, and say hi to all five Light and happy members:

Satero Sans Light
Werner Schneider’s, Satero® Sans Light is an exceptionally legible humanist sans. Its simple, unfussy letterforms and low contrast, plus exquisite attention to detail make this typeface a welcome addition to any type library.

Klint Light
Klint™ Light, a compact design with generous counters, and a fine balance between upper- and lower-case alphabets. A very large x-height with short descenders, and lovely tension in the curves makes for a modern, clean-looking sans serif with a number of character-building details.

Syntax Next Light
Syntax® Next Light from the popular Syntax family, successfully mixes the old with the new. At its heart it is oldstyle in form, though its contrast monoline. It has a sturdy appearance, but is dynamic and airy on the page. Nice details like the unenclosed counter of R, a two-storey, angular g, sharp terminals and slow curves, and you have at your disposal a gem of a sans serif.

Aptifer Slab Light
Aptifer™ Slab Light is a solid, low contrast slab serif, blending modern proportions with a generous x-height, and plenty of character. Especially good for headings and other display uses.

Conrad Light
Conrad® Light, a jaunty typeface with a touch of the hand-drawn about it. Add confident, bulbous curves, and oversized serifs, and you have a legible type that’s fun without looking silly, confident without being overbearing.

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