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Font Designer – Johannes Wagner Foundry

1913: Johannes Wagner, the oldest son of Ludwig Wagner, affiliates a brass rule factory to his father’s type foundry in Leipzig. 1921: Johannes Wagner, his brother Ludwig and his brother-in-law Willy Jahr found the Norddeutsche Schriftgießerei in Berlin. 1949: the business moves to Ingolstadt. 1965: Johannes Wagner dies. 1972: Arnold Dröse becomes the owner, a post he holds until his death in 1979. Afterwards his son Manfred ran the business.

In 1971, some of the typefaces from the C. E. Weber foundry in Stuttgart were acquired, and in 1978, the H. Berthold AG typefaces were added. Type founding came to a halt in 1999, and the company’s materials were donated to the “Stiftung Werkstattmuseum für Druckkunst” in Leipzig.

Fonts: Aurora-Grotesk (1912), Steinschrift (1912), Fette Antiqua (1913), Druckhaus-Antiqua (1919), Romana (1930) and Neue Aurora Grotesk (1964).

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