Heinrich Wilhelm Hoffmeister - Linotype Font Designer Gallery

Font Designer – Heinrich Wilhelm Hoffmeister

Born 22 July 1857 in Lennep near Remscheid, died 21 September 1921 in Langen.
Trained for four years at Düsseldorf Art Academy and studied from 1879 – 1880 at Berlin’s Royal Academy of Art. Worked as drawing instructor at the Second College of Adult Education in Leipzig from 1884. He soon began designing typographic ornaments and acquired a copper printing plant. The type foundry he established in Leipzig in 1898 was sold in 1904. In 1905, he moved to Frankfurt am Main, where he worked for D. Stempel AG.

Fonts: Amts Antiqua (1909–1922), Amts Fraktur (1906–1912), Century 725, Säculum (1906–1910), Stempel Fraktur (1914–1916).
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