Veljovic Script

An informal, free-spirited hand – Veljovic Script Latin and Cyrillic

Veljovic Script usage sample

Veljovic Script™ is an informal, brush-style calligraphic typeface from the master calligrapher Jovica Veljović. Its letters generally do not connect, although certain combinations will overlap. The typeface family includes four weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold. The heart of the design is multi-lingual, supporting both the Latin and the Cyrillic scripts. The Cyrillic version includes all of the glyphs from the Latin fonts, as well as Cyrillic support. Each weight is available as a latin and a cyrillic version.
Veljovic Script usage sample

Each of the Veljovic Script fonts contain hundreds of alternates. The Cyrillic fonts each contain a total of over 2,000 glyphs in their character sets.
Veljovic Script usage sample

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