Veljovic Script

Veljovic Script’s OpenType Features

Users will be able to find these features in their application’s OpenType menu.
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Figure Options
Veljovic Script™ includes a variety of figure options. The font character sets offer tabular and proportionally-spaces lining figures, as well as both tabular and proportionally spaced oldstyle figures. Proportionally-spaced small cap figures are also included, as are numerators, denominators, superiors, and inferiors.
Veljovic Script usage sample

Slashed Zero
For better differentiation between the zero and the letter o, the Veljovic Script fonts include slashed zero alternates.
Veljovic Script usage sample

The last figure options in the Veljovic Script family are fractions. Veljovic Script includes several pre-composed diagonal fractions. When the Fractions feature is active, these glyphs will be substituted for typed combinations like 1/2. But the Veljovic Script fonts will also dynamically compose fractions for you on-the-fly when the Fractions feature is active.
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Small Caps
All characters in the Veljovic Script family, including the accented Latin characters and the Cyrilic letters, have small cap variants.
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Swash letters are capital letter variants that normally contain strokes with more expression. In calligraphy, they are often used to start a word, line, paragraph, or page.
Veljovic Script usage sample

Contextual Alternates
Most users of Adobe InDesign® will find that the Contextual Aternates OpenType feature is active by default. When this feature is on, many letters will switch from their standard form to an alternate glyph, depending on what glyphs come immediately before or after them in a word.
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The standard Ligatures feature is also active by default for many Adobe InDesign users. When this feature is on, the common ligatures that designers have come to expect in text will appear. For example, the fi combination will be replaced by and fi ligatures. The same substitution will occur with ff, fl, ffi, ffl, etc. Users of InDesign CS3 and higher may notice that language-specific exceptions are built in, for example the fi substitution is handled differently in Turkish, where the difference between an i with a dot and one without is important.
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Discretionary Ligatures
The Discretionary Ligatures feature is not active by default in Adobe InDesign. Text set in Veljovic Script will, however, look even more spectacular if users activate this feature when they are using the font.
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Initial Forms & Final Forms
Users of InDesign CS3 and higher will note that they make use of the Initial Forms and Final Forms feature. This feature should substitute the first and last letters of a line of text with special alternates, when these alternates are available. Veljovic Script does not include alternate Initial and Final glyphs for all lowercase letters, since not all of them lend themselves to such treatment. But where appropriate, these additions are a treat for the eyes.
The implementation of the Final Forms feature in Adobe InDesign CS3 and CS4 is not as simple as designers and typesetters may expect. In order for a Final Form alternate to appear, the OpenType feature must first be activated, and then the character must be followed by a space (and no further characters on the line). Otherwise, InDesign is not aware that the character in question a Final one, and will not perform the substitution.
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Case Forms
For strings of text set in ALL CAPS, the Case Forms feature may be applied to adjust puncheon accordingly. The Veljovic Script fonts contain 18 characters with special uppercase variants, including the @-sign, dashes, guillemots, parentheses, brackets, and braces, as well as the upside-down question mark and exclamation point (e.g., for use in Spanish texts).
Veljovic Script usage sample

Each font in the Veljovic Script family includes 37 ornament and arrow glyphs!
Veljovic Script usage sample

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