Type Gallery – Nadianne

Font Designer: Aldo Novarese

The vibrant letters of a handwritten script determine the character of Nadianne™. A font from the well-known designer Aldo Novarese. The letters which curve slightly in on themselves and here and there an extended finish pick up the essential features of a handwritten script. This character is supported by a continuity of line, which makes several letters seem as if they were written in one continuous movement, without a break. Little gaps, which arise as a result in particular in the uppercase letters, give the font a relaxed and friendly character. Additional dynamism is imparted to Nadianne through a slight contrast in the stroke width. And not least, the shape of the arches, which are executed rather like loops with identical beginning and end points, determines the appearance of the font. An extreme x-height compared with the ascenders and crossbars ensures good readability.
Nadianne is available in three stroke widths: Book, Medium and Bold. All font styles are expanded by a slightly more condensed Condensed version. Thanks to its dynamic and friendly character Nadianne cuts a good figure on greetings and invitation cards. Short texts are also very readable in the individual font.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Nadianne as a PDF.

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