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Font Designer – Walter Tiemann

Walter Tiemann – born 29. 1. 1876 in Delitzsch, Germany, died 12. 9. 1951 in Leipzig, Germany – type designer, typographer, painter, teacher. Studied painting at the art academy in Leipzig.

1898: starts working for various publishers, including S. Fischer, Reclam and Rütten & Loening. 1903: teaches at the Staatliche Akademie für Graphische Künste in Leipzig. Works with the Insel publishing house. 1905: meets Karl Klingspor. 1907: founds the Janus Presse with C. E. Poeschel. 1920–41 and 1945–46: director of the Staatliche Akademie für Graphische Künste in Leipzig. 1946: is awarded an honorary doctorate.

Fonts: Janus-Pressen-Schrift (with C. E. Poeschel, 1906), Tiemann-Medieval (1909), Mediaeval Kursiv (1911), Tiemann Fraktur (1914), Peter-Schlemihl-Schrift (1914), Narziss (1921), Tiemann™ Antiqua (1923–26), Tiemann-Gotisch (1924), Kleist-Fraktur (1928), Orpheus (1928), Daphnis (1931), Fichte-Fraktur (1935), Euphorion (1935), Offizin (1952).

Publication: Georg Kurt Schauer “Walter Tiemann. Ein Vermächtnis”, Offenbach 1953.

* TYPOGRAPHY – An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Throughout History by Friedrich Friedl, Nicolaus Ott (Editor), Bernard Stein, published by Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH.

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