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Font Designer – Gary Tennant

British designer Gary Tennant created the fonts Sharquefin™ (2004) and Linotype Submerge™ (2002).
Sharquefin is a round, constructed display face, which contains shark fin-like elements that rise out from part of its letterforms. Gary Tennant designed Sharquefin especially for fun uses, like party flyers.
Linotype Submerge is a spaceage-themed family of four fonts created by British designer Gary Tennant. The fonts’ oval forms sport strokes that seem to pass by the eye like spaceships from the outer reaches of the galaxy. The slightly forward-leaning design of Linotype Submerge’s letters aid their feeling of movement. Use one of these fonts whenever you need a bold, wide, and futuristic headline. Linotype Submerge is appropriate to advertise any product that is out of this world!
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