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For arts sake I went to Paris when I was very young. After some years I decided to start the so called “serious life”, got married, and studied Graphic-Design at the “Hochschule der Künste” in Berlin.
Making a couple of detours, once again Paris, then Barcelona – where I designed the OECD-Pavillion for the Osaka-World-Expo at the office of Harnden & Bombelli – I finally reached South Africa. Grey- and Young-Advertising got to know me! I had to fiddle around with Agfa-Cameras and -Films, Epol dogfood, several brands of toiletpaper, unbelievable insurance-companies and I-don’t-know-what.
Someday – on a holiday – I just stayed in Munich. DFS&R made me an offer I did not want to refuse. I now fiddled for Paulaner, CMA, Phillip Morris and Peugeot. Being a young adventerous man, I switched to the Herrwerth & Partner agency, which at that time was supposed to be the most creative outfit in town. Mister Herrwerth taught me to “think simple”. I was allowed to introduce IKEA to the German market.
After that stint I became Creative-Partner with Lauenstein & Partner.
Then I rented my own office in 1982!
Since that time I design a couple of typefaces each year and I guide a some nice young people (apprentices) along to designer stardom.
On top of that, I write a few books and newspaper-articles, about design, computers, food, drink and crime!
I have many happy clients and they have a happy designer, who is open to any challenge!
But as one can see on the lenght of my evergrowing fontlist, I am becoming more and more of a maniac-typedesigner. Not bad either!

Gert Wiescher

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