FF Neuwelt™ font family

Designed by  Jens Gehlhaar in 2019

FF Neuwelt

About FF Neuwelt™ Complete Family Pack

FF Neuwelt™, from Jens Gehlhaar, is open, inviting, highly legible, and strikingly handsome. Combining the straightforward clarity of a geometric sans with a welcoming warmth, FF Neuwelt’s eight display and text weights, vast range of alternates and extended character set, make for a family with few limitations.

While grounded in a solid geometric sans serif foundation, Gehlhaar has drawn a large suite of alternate characters that infuses FF Neuwelt with softened, and ultimately easy on the eyes, humanistic shapes and proportions. Alternative cursive italic forms and a choice of round or square punctuation are also available at the click of a mouse.

FF Neuwelt is spaced for sizes larger than 16 point, while FF Neuwelt Text has more open letterspacing to set perfectly at sizes smaller than 16 point. In addition, five key lowercase characters were drawn with more legible shapes. The result is that FF Neuwelt adapts from text to larger sizes and one stylistic mien to another with ease and grace.