Type Gallery – Bello

Font Designer: Underware

Bello has lots of ligatures, as well as start and ending swashes. The typeface comes from Underware, the famous international collective. After a period of hand sketching and lettering, the designers at Underware decided to give Bello two main styles: Script and Small Caps. These two fonts create a strong typographic contrast. While Bello Script is flourished and flowing, Bello Small Caps are upright and sturdy; as sturdy as brush lettering allows for, of course.
Careful spacing and kerning ensures that Bello appears like fluently written handwriting. However, that’s not enough for a hand-lettered feel. Therefore Bello comes with a set of 64 ligatures. Some of them are typographic, some made simply to create a more intimate, natural impression. For the same reasons we have added a few ornaments and a set of snap-on beginning and ending swashes which attach to the lowercase letters of Bello.
Don’t forget, Bello is also the typographic mate of Sauna, another of Underware’s typefaces!
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Bello as a PDF.

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