Werner Schneider - Designer Interview

Font Designer – Werner Schneider

Werner Schneider

Interview with Werner Schneider on the publication
of Vialog 1450

How did you discover your passion for font design?
The effort to achieve an artistic level in dealing with the letter is my main priority.

How many fonts have you designed up to this point?
A total of 12 font families.

Is font design your main focus? What do you do besides design fonts?
As a lettering artist, I devote a large part of my work to type design. Anything that involves the letter in all its versatile forms, from the design-specific signet to the free art form, determines my interaction with this fascinating medium.

What inspired you to design Vialog 1450?
The struggle for visual quality in Vialog® 1450 in the sense of balancing form and function.

Adrian Frutiger’s Alphabet Roissy (...) was a role model for me ...

Were you influenced by other fonts during the design process?
Adrian Frutiger’s Alphabet Roissy at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris was a role model for me.

What technology did you use when making Vialog 1450 and what did the design process look like?
The process of finding the shape for my fonts comes from the head, eye and hand (analyses, sketches, drawings). I do this before working on the computer.

What was the greatest challenge that you were confronted with during the design of Vialog 1450?
Vialog 1450 in its normal proportion (regular weight) offers the ideal conditions for a signalization font, according to the recommendations of the DIN 1450: an open, humanist design image in normal proportions.

How would you describe the style of your font?
The human eye requires organic shaping in the sense of a harmonious picture of the word. This is the best way to meet the technical conditions for legibility in a signalization typeface.

The Vialog 1450 is recommended as a typeface for signalization‚ posters‚ advertising‚ corporate design ...

Is there anything that you would like to tell the graphic design community about Vialog 1450?
The design of a commissioned work begins with the original graphic design techniques, almost without exception. This is how you achieve a humane design.

For which applications (poster, text, newspapers, advertising, etc.) would you recommend Vialog 1450?
The Vialog 1450 is recommended as a typeface for signalization, posters, advertising, corporate design, and commercial typesetting.

What are the unique details that characterize Vialog 1450, in your opinion?
The unique details and dimensions are modified based on the sequence of movement to provide the reader with a balanced letter form.

Why did you give the font that name and what does it mean?
The name Vialog mainly refers to its use as a traffic font, derived from “via” (way) and “log” (logic).

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Vialog 1450?
Behind the clear and bold appearance of Vialog 1450, you can feel the sensitivity of the human hand that shaped it.
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