LinoLetter 2008/11

Introducing a previously unknown text face from the designer of Futura

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In this Issue:

Renner Antiqua – Reviving a serif typeface from the designer of Futura
Giacometti Letter and Giacometti Pi – Update of an old favorite
Johnstemp – A stamp font family based on Linotype Tagesstempel
A small serif family ready to enliven your documents – Meet Ginkgo

Renner Antiqua – Reviving a serif typeface from the designer of Futura

Renner Antiqua
For decades, Paul Renner (1878–1956) was one of Germany’s leading designers. Best known for Futura®, Paul Renner also created several other typefaces over the course of his career. Closely tied to Paul Renner’s own formal calligraphic style, Renner™ Antiqua never caught on in the same manner as Futura, despite the merits of its characters. In 2008, Patrick Strietzel revived the family, bringing this element of Paul Renner’s work to a mass audience for the first time.
Discover more about Renner Antiqua and the man behind Futura in a web feature at

Giacometti Letter and Giacometti Pi – Update of an old favorite

Giacometti Font Family
In 1994, Sine Bergmann drew Linotype’s Giacometti™ Pi, a symbol font containing 62 stick figure illustrations inspired by Swiss artist Alberto_Giacometti. 14 year later, Sine expanded her font family with a display face, Giacometti Letter. A casual, Post-It-note-style of design, Giacometti Letter is a little bit on the edge. Its forms work well with the symbols from Giacometti Pi, but they also stand out well on their own in a number of circumstances, including when set in both very large and very small point sizes. The two Giacometti fonts also combine well with Linotype Festtagsfont™ and Jump™.
Alberto Giacometti inspired Sine Bergmann; let her fonts inspire you!

Johnstemp – A stamp font family based on Linotype Tagesstempel

Linotype is pleased to introduce Georg John’s new Johnstemp™ family, a significant extension of his earlier font Linotype Tagesstempel™. Building upon the typographic language of bureaucratic stamps and seals, Johnstemp offers multiple variants for each letter. The family includes several weights – the letters have an increasing amount of “ink spread,” appearing to have been pressed more firmly against the paper – as well as a degraded, extra rough version.
Spare yourself the messy inkpad and recreate stamped effects with Johnstemp!

A small serif family ready to enliven your documents – Meet Ginkgo

Alex Rütten’s Ginkgo™ is Linotype’s newest text face. This small, four-member family is ready for use in either design applications or office settings. Heavily influenced by contemporary writing styles, the design has an affinity with late-20th-century Dutch-style serif typefaces. In a way, Gingko’s basis in pen-made strokes also makes it spiritually akin to Renner™ Antiqua, although Paul Renner and Alex Rütten each took their pens in very different directions.
Enliven your text with Ginkgo; see more of the typeface on our website!

Xmas Value Pack

Xmas Value Pack
Our Xmas Value Pack bundles four display fonts together that are perfect for Christmas cards and holiday party invitations; one ornamental font to create your decorations is added as well! This downloadable product is on sale this month for the low price of 29.50 USD – a savings of almost 70 USD off the normal Value Pack price.
Let Linotype’s typefaces help you with your Christmas letters this year!

Linotype fonts and your products

Do you include text in electronic displays, mobile devices, or appliances? Are you a software developer creating embedded game dialogues or application menus? Linotype offers tailored solutions just for you.
Visit’s Original Equipment Manufacturers section and quickly access information that will allow you to get an overview of Monotype Imaging font technology and Linotype fonts available for OEM.
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