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Ambigue™ font family

Designed by  Carla Schweyer in 1999

Up to 2 Typefaces / 2 Value Packs

Available licenses for all styles:

Supports up to 69 languages.

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Supports up to 11 OpenType features.

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The Ambigue designed by Carla Schweyer, originally was named Confidence". This font family receives the first prize at the German Kurt Christians-Foerderpreis in 1997/98. This professional typeface is available in the weights Light, Regular, Medium and Bold. Its interpolated weights offer a subtle differentiation in the grey levels. A special "Small" weights is available which offers a better readability in small point sizes like lexica and directories. The work has been supported by professor Jovica Veljovic."

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Ambigue Complete Family Pack

 (7 Typefaces) -  1 variant
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Display Selection Selection

 (3 Typefaces) -  1 variant
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