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June 2008: Weather your fonts!

This tutorial shows you how to create eye catching headlines and logos with an individualized weathered look. In just a few easy steps you’ll be able to render beautiful, print-ready artwork in minutes – while using high quality fonts but without destroying them.

To completely recreate this tutorial you’ll need the following:
– Photoshop CS or similar program.
– A texture texture_chalk.jpg that can be downloaded here.
– The Font Glypha® 75 Black which can be purchased here.
Of course you can still follow along with each step using your own textures and fonts …

1. Open Photoshop and create a new document in size 3 x 2 inch.
Set the resolution to 300dpi if you like to use the result for printed pieces.
Set the Color Mode to Grayscale and choose the Background Contents to White.

2. The document should look like this.

3. Use the Type Tool to create a new text layer.
Enter the text: “Glypha made by Hand”.

4. From the Character Palette choose Glypha LT, then select the Black weight and give it the size 45 pt.

5. The result should like similar to this.

6. Use Photoshop to open the file texture_chalk.jpg.
Select the whole picture (Mac: Apple + a PC: Ctrl + a) and copy the picture (Mac: Apple + c PC: Ctrl + c).

7. Go back to the document you created and paste in the texture picture (Mac: Apple + v PC: Ctrl + v). The result should look similar to this.

8. In the Layers Palette change the mode to Screen (it is set to Normal by default).

9. Fine Tuning: to amplify the desired “weathered” look you can add a levels adjustment layer. Use the small black and white circular symbol from the bottom of the Layers Palette to add an adjustment layer. You can experiment with this window to achieve your desired results.

* Congrats! After the fine tuning you’ve reached the goal. Keep in mind: At any time you can change the text, just by clicking the text layer.

Fonts used in these examples:

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