LinoLetter 2008/08

Quenching Your Thirst for Original Fonts!

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This month we feature several new typefaces you will surly enjoy. First up is the rectangular, but soft, Quench™. Next, we have several new and exciting Arabic fonts. And to round out the fresh releases, a new, wonderful hand-written style typeface is the font of the week. Also in this month’s LinoLetter are two additional features: Latin fonts inspired by China and an article on Marco Ganz discussing his type designs and sculptures. Have fonts of fun!

Have fonts of fun!

In this Issue:

Get Satisfied with Quench!
First-Ever Harmonizing of Latin and Arabic!
Exotic and Full of Flair – Chinese-Styled Fonts
You’ll Jump for this Font of the Week!

Get Satisfied with Quench!

We proudly present one of our newest designs: Quench! Created by German designer Hannes von Döhren, Quench’s forms are strongly rectangular but with a brush-made quality. This brush script influence is especially predominant in the italics, where one can enjoy the juicy curves. Quench will satisfy your needs for a cool new design that is great for posters and headlines!
See more of Quench and download the PDF specimen.

First-Ever Harmonizing of Latin and Arabic!

New Arabic Fonts
Linotype’s Arabic specialist, Nadine Chahine, has just released three new designs: Koufiya™, Badiya™, and Janna™. Koufiya was initially designed in 2003 and is the first Arabic and Latin typeface designed at the same time by the same designer; this allows the two scripts to perfectly harmonize for multilingual text settings. Next is Badiya – a modern and slightly modulated Naskh. Its openness makes it legible at small point sizes and perfect for magazines and corporate design. Finally is Janna, which is a versatile typeface that works well for everything from low-res devices to headlines and signage. All of these finely crafted typefaces will be significant additions to your Arabic collection.
Learn more about Nadine Chahine’s new designs here.

Exotic and Full of Flair – Chinese-Styled Fonts

Chinese-Styled Fonts
Chinese letters are rich in history and unique in style. Their beautiful forms have inspired many Western designers to incorporate this aesthetic into the Latin alphabet. We have assembled our most popular typefaces that give the impression of brushed letters or have a special Asian vitality. They will work for a wide range of products and clients looking for typography with a bit of Eastern spirit. Don’t forget to add the perfect final touch to your design with one of the illustrative Pi fonts!
We also offer an extensive collection of collection of traditional and simplified Chinese fonts.
Find all the Exotic, Chinese-Styled Fonts here.

You’ll Jump for this Font of the Week!

Jump™ is a fun and lively hand-written style font. Created by Sine Bergmann, this design jumps up and down across the baseline. This makes the text very informal and spontaneous, as if it were written quickly.
Best of all is that right now Jump is the Font of the Week, so grab it now while it is 20% off!

Schrift In Form Exhibition

Schrift In Form Exhibition
During the month of September, the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, Germany, will present a wonderful exhibition of 40 young type designers from all over the world.
Check out the type events page for more information.

Chinese Fonts Explained

Chinese Fonts Explained
We have put together a small page to help explain the different styles and format encodings for Chinese fonts.
Learn more about this complex writing system.
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