Matius Gerardo Grieck - Font Designer

Font Designer – Matius Gerardo Grieck

Matius Gerardo Grieck was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated with a masters in Art and Experimental Filmdesign from the UDK Art University in Berlin, Germany, under Valie Export [New Media Art]. He has had solo art exhibitions in Vancouver (Canada), Berlin (Germany), and Tokyo (Japan).
Together with Tsuyoshi Nakazako he founded +ISM, an interdisciplinary art collective. Divisions: +ISM [Art Projects], +ISM Architecture [Digital & Applied], +ISM Font Division, and +ISM PRO [External Commisions].
+ISM PRO art’s commisions include: The New York Times Magazine, New York Times T, Wired, Esquire, Details, Espn, Rolling Stone Magazine, My House, Discover, M.I.T Technology Review, Outside, Field & Stream, Popular Science, Cargo, Baseline, and W Magazine.
Currently in production: Guiffra 295 Studio [Buenos Aires]: architectural project, MemoryDuplicates [Tokyo]: urban action, and a +ISM monograph.
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