Tazugane® Gothic font family

Designed by  Akira Kobayashi in 2017
Kazuhiro Yamada in 2017
Ryota Doi in 2017
Monotype Studio in 2017


Tazugane Gothic

Tazugane Gothic

Tazugane Gothic: a Japanese font with the flair of Neue Frutiger

Developed as the Japanese version of the popular Neue Frutiger by Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi, Tazugane Gothic™ is a humanist sans with clear and legible forms. Not least because of the perfect options, which include ten carefully graded weights, you can use Tazugane Gothic for many different applications, from long text, corporate identities, to signalization and advertising. Tazugane Gothic is the perfect international expansion for the Neue Frutiger® font family.