Adrian Frutigers 80th Birthday

On the 24th of May 2008, Adrian Frutiger celebrated his 80th birthday near Büren – in Wengi, Switzerland. As a small birthday gift, Linotype arranged a quiet evening dinner for Frutiger and his closest friends and family. In the month leading up to this special occasion visitors to submitted many birthday greetings to Frutiger. This evening Adrian was presented with a printed book of all the messages from the website. We would like to say thank you to the community of friends and fans that helped make this book of messages so memorable and outstanding.
And now for a few images from the unforgettable event!
The festive tables
The Linotype team and Adrian Frutiger at the beginning of the celebration (from left to right: Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi, former Managing Director of Linotype Bruno Steinert, current Managing Director Frank Wildenberg, Adrian Frutiger, and Marketing Director Otmar Hoefer)
Adrian Frutiger welcomes each of the guests …
… and in between he enjoyed the sunny weather and took a break from the excitement
Akira Kobayashi (left) and one of Adrian Frutiger’s brothers
Frank Wildenberg (left) together with Adrian Frutiger
Human and animal guests come together …
… to celebrate together with the host
The guests of Adrian Frutiger, family members and friends, enjoyed the excellent dinner
After dinner, the Linotype team presents some books to Frutiger. One is of the numerous birthday messages from our online guests and the other is a special retrospective featuring Frutiger’s design history and his long term relationship with Linotype
Frank Wildenberg hands over the birthday greetings …
… and the birthday guests shared Adrian Frutiger’s happiness
The dinner is over …
… and Adrian Frutiger gives a speech
Adrian Frutiger with his son and other guests
Just a few of the many birthday presents
The birthday guests from Linotype (from left to right: Akira Kobayashi, Frank Wildenberg, and Otmar Hoefer)
Adrian Frutiger with Michel Favre (in the middle) and his son (at the left side)
The celebration is nearly over …
… but not without a final photo shoot of Adrian Frutiger and his family members