Photo Gallery: Adrian Frutiger and Linotype

Adrian Frutiger has spent decades working very closely with Linotype. In the many years of this fruitful collaboration, we’ve accumulated a number of photographs of Adrian Frutiger. These images show glimpses of the different periods and highlights of his life so far, including pictures of him working in his studio, moments of him along with his typefaces, and even more recent shots of him working together with Akira Kobayashi.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through these images.
Left: Adrian Frutiger at fifteen years old
Right: Adrian Frutiger showing original sketches of Univers from 1951
Adrian Frutiger and his wife Simone, sitting next to Ed Benguiat and Roger Black, at the TDC Award 1987 in New York
Left: Adrian Frutiger visiting the National Institute of Design in India
Right: Adrian Frutiger in his studio near Bremgarten-Bern, Switzerland, 1997
All four images: Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi and Adrian Frutiger during the development of Avenir Next (2003)
Both images: Adrian Frutiger is the guest of honor at the Linotype Partner Conference 2004 which took place at Lake Brienz near Interlaken, Switzerland. In the image on the left he is with Bruno Steinert, the former Managing Director of Linotype
All four images: Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi visits Adrian Frutiger during the development of Frutiger Arabic (2005)
Adrian Frutiger wins the 2006 SOTA Typography Award
All five images: Akira Kobyashi and Greek designer Eva Masoura visit Adrian Frutiger (2006)
Both images: Linotype’s Managing Director Frank Wildenberg and Akira Kobayashi visit Adrian Frutiger at home in Switzerland (2007)
Both images: Otmar Hoefer, Marketing Director at Linotype, together with Adrian Frutiger (2008)
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